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A4Tech PowerSaver R7 RKS-6&R7-70MD User Manual

PowerSaver R7 RKS-6&R7-70D\ PowerSaver R7 RKS-8&R7-70D

Made by: A4Tech
Type: User Guide
Category: Digital Presenters
Pages: 18
Size: 0.53 MB


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PowerSaver R7   

Wireless Desktop 

User’s Guide 

Model: RKS-6&R7-70MDRKS-6&R7-70DRKS-8&R7-70D 








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Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 1 - 



Federal Communications Commission Requirements 

The equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for Class B Digital Device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These 
limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses 
and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction, may cause harmful interference to 
radio communication. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause 
harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to 

try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: 


Reorient of relocate the receiving antenna. 

Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. 

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. 

Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.   

The changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the 




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Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 2 - 


Congratulations on your purchase!   

Congratulations on your purchase!   

PowerSaver R7 Wireless Desktop is the optimal high science products for power & desktop space saving. Its 

innovative lightweight, mini & thin wireless keyboard design gives you a consistent desktop look as well as an 

amazingly high level of comfort. your new RF-Mouse is designed with R7 Extremely Low-Power Technology only 

requires 8mA electric current while others require 25mA. Wow! Just turn your mouse battery –life 3 times longer. 

Same time, PowerSave R7 performs high-speed RF technology with report rate of 125Hz 

[**Normal wireless optical 

mice performs with reports rate of only 90Hz (Tested by Mouse Rate Program)


z  Package contains 

PowerSaver R7 Wireless Keyboard 

PowerSaver R7 Wireless Optical Mouse 

USB RF Receiver 

USB Extension Cable 

4 AAA Alkaline Batteries 

User’s Quick Guide 

CD Driver 



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Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 3 - 

z  System Requirements: 

To use the mouse presenter, your computer must meet the following hardware requirements and run one of the 

operating system listed below. 



1.  IBM or compatible system   

2.  UBS v1.1 or higher interface 

3.  Hard Disk Driver   

4. USB 


Operating System 




z  This user’s guide describes how to 

1. Connect the receiver to your computer 

2. Set up the wireless link and use the mouse   

3 .Install software driver 





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Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 4 - 

Inserting the Batteries   

z  Install 2 AAA alkalineor rechargeable batteriesin the 

wireless keyboard.   

1.  Remove the battery compartments cover on the bottom of the 

keyboard by squeezing the cover in front the tab to release it.   

2.  Insert the batteries; make sure to properly orient the positive (+) 

and the negative (-) ends as specified by the battery compartment 


3. Replace 





z  Install 2 AAA alkalineor rechargeable batteriesin the wireless mouse. 

1.    Press the tab on the bottom of the mouse cover as shown here and remove the cover.   

2.  Insert the supplied batteries, making sure that the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the battery match the 

polarity indicators inside the battery housing. 

3.  Slide the batter cover back into position until it “clicks” firmly into place. 



background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 5 - 





            Step1                                            Step2                                                  Step3 


To connect the receiver 

Insert the Receiver USB port connector into the available computer USB port. You can choose anyway to 

connect the USB receive with computer as blow: 

For PC computer usage: 

1. Insert the USB receive mouse port connector into the USB port on the 

USB extend cable (accessories),   



background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 6 - 

2. Insert the USB receives mouse port connector into the USB HUB port. 


Locating the USB RF-Mouse Receiver 

Your RF-Mouse has limitations on the range or distance from its receiver. To make sure that your mouse sends and 

receives properly, refer to the following instructions: 

1.  For optimal performance, place the receiver at least 8 inches 

(20 centimeters) away from other electrical devices, such as 

the computer, the monitor, or external storage drives. 

2.  The RF-Mouse should be no farther than 4 feet (1. 5meter) 

from the mouse receiver. This will ensure optimal 

communication between the mouse and receiver. 



Keep 8 inches 

Keep 4 feet 


background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 7 - 

Operating Hints: 

For optimal performance and RF reception:


1.  Avoid suing the mouse on a metal surface, Metals, such as iron, aluminum or copper, shield the radio frequency 

transmission and may slow down the mouse’s response time or cause the mouse presenter to fail temporarily. 

2.  The mouse will enter a suspend mode at the same time your computer dose, click a button on the mouse 

presenter to activate it. 

3.  Never use the mouse on a glass or mirrored surface as these surface will the mouse to fail temporarily 


Establish Frequency Channel and ID Code   

Step one: how Connecting the Wireless Keyboard ID Code?



1.  USB RF Mouse Receiver: lanuch frequency 


and ID code

 to RF-keyboard 


Press and release the connect button on the front of USB receiver 

(shown as right image), the GREEN PWR LED light turns “Off” and 

starts “Blinking.




background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 8 - 

2.    Wireless Keyboard : Respond frequency channel 

and ID code from Receiver 

Press and release (1 second) the (

Frequency Button) orange 

connect button on the bottom of keyboard


  The RED PWR LED light of USB RF Receiver turns “Off” and 

starts “Blinking with right frequency channel and ID code. 


If the GREENPWR LED light of USB RF Receiver is black out, it 

indicates that the right frequency channels and ID codes are 

launched successfully between the receiver and the keyboard,


Step two: how to Connecting the Wireless Mouse ID Code?


1.  USB RF Mouse Receiver: lanuch frequency 


and ID code

 to RF-Mouse 

Press and release the connect button on the front of USB receiver 

(shown as right image), the GREEN PWR LED light turns “Off” and 

starts “Blinking.



Frequency Button



background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 9 - 

Wireless optical mouse : Respond frequency 


and ID code

 from Receiver 

z  Press and release (1 second) the orange connect button on 

the bottom of mouse, 

z  The RED PWR LED light of USB RF Receiver turns “Off” and 

starts “Blinking with right frequency channel and ID code .   

z  When the mouse is inactive, If the GREENPWR LED light of 

USB RF Receiver is black out, it indicates that the right 

frequency channels and ID codes are launched successfully 

between the receiver and the mouse, otherwise, repeat the 

procedures of the right frequency channel and ID codes. You 

are now ready to use the mouse. 




Note:The connect button has two functions. One function is correspond frequency with USB receiver. Other 

function is power switch. you can control power on-off through it (please operate as “

Power Management


show )



1. Frequency Button     
2. Power on/off 



background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 10 - 

Power Management 

Manual Power on/off method 

1.  To power the mouse on, please press and release the switch bottom of the 

mouse within in 1 second. 

2.  Turn off the mouse while traveling or when you don’t use it. Please press and 

release the switch bottom of the mouse within 4 seconds. (if you use this 

mouse , you must to power the mouse on again)   


Automatic Power on/off method   

If this mouse is keep non-operation in 30 minute, Mouse turns off automatically. If you awaken this mouse, you can 

click left or right button on the mouse. 

Low Battery Warning   

when your battery power is low, Smart wheel LED light turns to Red for 0.3 seconds 

and it will be off after 0.9 seconds in interval 


Note: Removing the batteries will require you to synchronize it with the receiver again the next time you turn it back on. 




background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 11 - 

Practical electrical current usage text sheet (on white paper)   

Battery Voltage (V) 

Use Electrical Current (mA) 

3.3 6.9 

3.2 7.0 

3.1 7.3 

3.0 7.4 

2.9 7.6 


Intelligent 4 Power-Saving (



There are 4 sleep mode features activating PowerSaver mouse


Mouse status 

Enter Sleep mode 

Electrical Current usage(mA) 

Savable electricity(mA) 

200 milliseconds 


idle mode 



5 seconds non-operation sleeping 




70 seconds non-operation

deep sleeping mode 



30 minute non-operation 

turns off automatically



To wake up the mouse from sleep mode, you must click left or right button on the mouse. 


background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 12 - 

How to install 2X-Office Software 

**** For Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/X64 

1. MUST:    Please uninstall any previous mouse driver before installing the 2X-OFFICE 

2. MUST:    Make sure you have completely finished setting up your mouse 


Insert the included Compact Disc (CD) into your CD-ROM 


choose your mouse model and click” install Driver”   


Follow the on screen instruction to complete your installation 


Restart your computer after the driver has been installed       


You will see a mouse icon “

” appear on the bottom right of your task 

  bar (near the clock area) 



Double click on the mouse icon “

” will bring you the mouse property 

(Image: Mouse Properties Window) 

9.    If the mouse image appears in the mouse properties menu looks exactly   

the same as the mouse on hand, then you have successfully installed   

the 2X-OFFICE driver 





Mouse Properties Window 


background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 13 - 

How to program your mouse bottoms?   




Open your Mouse Properties.     

First Tab:    Button                             

Section I:    Button Assignment 

1.    The mouse image that appears in the first section is a key to numbers 

listed to the right.   

For example,  # 1 button has been assigned as “Main Button” by default 

and it’s not programmable. 

# 2 button has been assigned as “Right Button” which works as right click 

for your mouse     

# 3 button has been assigned as “Pan” function by default. It’s a vertical 

scrolling wheel if you scroll it. Also, # 3 wheel button can be using as a 

“Net/LuckyJump”, you need to open the Mouse Properties window and 

select the Button tab as left image shown. Then assign Net/LuckyJump in 



 wheel button command. You also can use “Setting” to update the 

command list of Net/LuckJump. Press the wheel button, it will show up 

NetJump or LuckyJump screen which shows 14 commonly used tasks as   


background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 14 - 

for convenient shortcut 

#4  、#5 buttons can be set as either regular programmable buttons or Office-Button functions. The 4


 and 5



the coupling button to makes shortcut command from Office-jump such as “OPEN, CLOSE”; “DELETE, REPLY”, 

“ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT”…etc. which may be easily changed by one click on the 6


 OfficeJump button.   

Section II:  Double-Click Speed            Section III:  Button Configuration 

Adjust your double-click speed          If you select “Left-Handed”, your Main Button will be #2 button. 

Keyboard Property 

Before we go further to setting up your mouse buttons with game 

commands, we want to make sure your keyboard properties has the 

character repeat setting correct.    Follow the steps below to get to 

Keyboard Properties: 

1)  Go to Control Panel 

2)  Click on Keyboard 

3)  For Repeat Delay:    Most right (SHORT) 

4)  For Repeat Rate:    Most right (FAST) 

5)  Apply >> OK 






background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 15 - 

Learn how to use the “Office Button Options 

1.  There are 2 ways to open the “Office-Button” menu 


●  Click the “Office-Button Option” in the Mouse 


●  Click 6th 


 located on your physical Mouse 

Body and will bring you the small picture: 

2.  Once you click on A4 company logo,   

you will see the Office Button menu like the figure on the right big 

image(Office-Button menu) 

3.    There are total of 24 selections in the Office-Button menu. You may 

choose up to maximum of 8 selections at a time. 


Office-Button menu 



When you are in Microsoft Outlook 

After selected Office command set No.5 - Delete-Reply All

.  You can press 6


 button to delete all garbage 

mail, or you can press 7


 button to reply all. By using Mouse, you can instantly read all your email messages and 

manage your outlook in a second. Or you can select No.15 - Zoom In- \Zoom out


  to enlarge your email font 

size to match your eyesight needs 



background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 16 - 

When you are in Microsoft Word 

After selected Office Command set No.1 - Copy-Paste

.    You can adjust your paragraph length or edit 

sentences with simply two clicks. Instead of looking for copy icon and paste icon in the MS Word or Ctrl+C and 

Ctrl+V on the Keyboard. Or you can select No.15 - Zoom In- \Zoom out

  to enlarge the page view size to 

match your eyesight needs. 

When you are in Microsoft Excel 

After selected Office command set No.14 - Scroll left-Scroll right

.    You can edit your wide spreadsheet in a 

second with such a handful function 

When you are in Photoshop, Illustrator, Pro-E or other applications 

After selected Office Command Set No.15 - Zoom In- \Zoom out

, you can enlarge or shrink the image size 

whether to do some editing to the image or just to view the image more clearly with just two clicks. 

More than 100 useful applications are supported with our “Zoom in-Zoom out” command set 

There are so many different computer applications that provides zoom in and out functions. However, each of 

these various applications uses different ways to execute the Zoom function, which can be difficult to neither 

learn nor remember the proper way in performing the Zoom functions.    Now, with A4 Tech Zoom in and out 

function, whether you are an Artist, Designer or Office user, you can easily press the two zoom buttons to 

interactive with more than hundreds of applications. We integrated and standardized different Zoom commands 

into our two office fingertips, and this function can be use in all Windows applications that use Zoom-supported 



background image







Wireless Optical Mouse   


- 17 - 

Popular Hotkeys for Wireless Keyboard 

There are 7programmable Hotkeys which default functions are automatically supported by Windows2000 or above 

Windows OS.   

You have to establish the iKeyWorks to enable the Hotkeys in Windows98 OS. 


Through A4 download web page : 


 to download the keyboard 



Double click the Winzip driver file then click “ I Agree” to open the file and start to install . 


Locate the file’ Setup.exe” then click “next” till ‘”finish” to accomplish the installation. 

Hot Keys 

Default Functions 


Cut off the computer power 


Back to previous page 


Forward to next page 


Refresh the page 

 Home page 

Access your default web page. 


Web search 

 E -mail 

Launches an e-mail application. 


For tech support, please visit our website at 


 or email us at