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3PLUS lite Manual

Made by: 3PLUS
Type: Manual
Category: Heart Rate Monitor
Pages: 4
Size: 8.36 MB


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Single press to turn on the screen and

pressing again will switch the interface.

A long press will enter the band into sleep mode.

Single Press

1.  Verify your device is supported

2. Turn on Screen

3. Download App


iPhone 6 , iPhone 6+ , iPhone 5c , 

iPhone 5s , iPad Mini, iPhone 4s ……


HTC One M9,HTC M8T,HTC D610t,

Samsung S6,Samsung Galaxy Note 4,

Samsung S5,Samsung Galaxy Note 3,

Samsung S4,Samsung Galaxy Note 2,

Samsung S3,Sony Xperia Z2,VIVO 3S,


Nexus 5,MOTO X,iSWAG MAGNET47 ……

In order to use the mobile app 

with the band, you must 

start by downloading the app by 

searching 3plus Elite in the App store 

or Google Play store and 

downloading and 

installing the app 

on your mobile device.


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4. Create an Account

Create an account with your existing email 

address. Once your account has been created, 

the email address cannot be changed. Please 

ensure that all information is entered correctly.

6. Confirm Device

Please select your pairing equipment. 

This will be the same number that shows 

up on your device once you turn on the screen.

5. Select Device

Choose “3PLUS-LITE” from the list.


background image

For this step, 

please press the button to confirm the pairing 

between the band and the mobile device.

7. Confirm Bluetooth Pairing

8.  Success!

When the icon above appears on the band, the 

pairing between the mobile app and the band has 

been successful and you are ready to start tracking.

Please go to our website 


 to get more support