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3J USB-P1M Software Update

Made by: 3J
Type: Software Update
Category: Telephone
Pages: 1
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How to update the software in USB Memory Phone 

1.  Plug USB Memory Phone into your PC USB port. 
2.  Double click “My Computer” at the desktop, a removable disk and a CD-ROM named 

Autorun” will be seen. Format the removable disk. 

3.  Install the program which you want to auto-run when the USB Memory Phone is connected to 


4.  Copy the whole folder of the program to the removable disk. For example, If MSN was 

installed, please copy the folder MSN Messenger to the removable disk.   

5.  In the “AutoRun” disk, you will see three files: AutoRun.exeAutoRun.inf and Config.ini., 

Copy  the Config.ini file to the removable disk.   
      It is a configuration file. In order to update the auto-run program, it must be re-edited.   


Four parameters will be seen in the file. They are CopyRequest, CopyFolder, OpenCount 

and Open0

Leave CopyRequest and CopyFolder unchanged.   

OpenCount=1 means that 1 program will be auto-run when the USB Memory Phone is 

connected to PC. If 2 programs will auto-run, please change “OpenCount=1” to 

    CopyFolder indicates the path of the program which will auto-run.   

For example: If the folder MSN Messenger was copied into the removable disk, the path 

should be:    CopyFolder=MSN Messenger\ msnmsgr.exe 

Note: Copy programs files must be put into root directory.