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10ZiG Technology Limited RBT-402 Quick Start Manual

Made by: 10ZiG Technology Limited
Type: Quick Start Guide
Category: Server
Pages: 2
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Setting up Connections 

RBT-402 supports the following communication protocols (connections): 
 TN5250e Connections (Display and Printer) for direct link-ups to AS/400    
  systems via Ethernet cable and TCP/IP protocol. 
 TN3270e Connections (Display and Printer) for direct link-ups to IBM 390            
 systems via Ethernet cable and TCP/IP protocol. 
 ICA Connections (Independent Computer Architecture) by Citrix 
 RDP Connections (Remote Desktop Protocol)  Microsoft Terminal Server 
 HTTP Connections through the FireFox browser. 
If running in WBT mode, configuring the various sessions (connections) takes place 
through the main The “Terminal Connection Manager” window appears each time 
the terminal is turned on, if there are no sessions set to auto start. If is session is 
currently running you will need to use the key combination of  CTRL+ALT+END to 
enable the Terminal connection manager.  
If running in Desktop mode you will need to go to Start, Settings, Connection  
From this window it is possible to configure, modify, add, cancel and enable  


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RBT-402 Initial Configuration



The first time the unit is powered on, you will be presented with a startup wizard. This 
will create the initial settings for display and network. 

Setting a Static IP address and Wireless 

 Should you need to set a Static IP Address do the following; 


Start > Control Panel 


2. Select the Network tab 


3. Change the setting from DHCP to Static 


4. Input your IP AddressSubnet mask and default gateway settings 


5. Click Advanced to enter and DNS settings you may have 


6. If you are using Wireless click on the Wireless Parameters 


7. Enter your wireless network settings including WEP key. 



If the Wireless parameters button is missing, the wireless device is not being seen by the 
Terminal. Linux models only support specific Wireless devices, if in doubt check with 
BOSaNOVA support for a list of supported devices. 

Mouse support 

By default the RBT-402 expects to see a mouse, if you intend to use the unit without a 
mouse, you must first define this in the Control panel > Input tab. Change the setting 
there to read None

Adding applications 

RBT-402 Thin Client comes with no applications defined. To enable applications to be 
used they have to be added. The RBT-402 has a choice of modes of operation, Desktop 
mode (default), where the user sees a Windows type user interface. In this mode you can 
add applications by clicking Start > application > add application or Start >  
Connection Manager > Add. 
In WBT mode, where the user interface looks like a CE.Net type Thin Client, you have 
only the Connection Manager. To add applications here, simply click the  
Configuration tab and click the Add button, a list of available applications will be 
shown, select from the drop down list. 

5250 Hot keys 
(Terminal Style) 


Enter = Right CTRL 
Field exit = ENTER 
Error Reset = Left CRTL 
Attention = Esc 
Hotkey to next session = ALT + Tab 
Dup =  Numpad * 
Roll up =  Page Down 
Roll Down = Page Up 
Split Screen = right click on status bar in Desktop mode 

CTRL+ALT+END= Enables terminal connection manager 
CTRL+ALT+K= Jumps back to the previous session 
CTRL+ALT+L= Jumps to the subsequent session 

Locking down the Thin Client 

Once you have added and setup all the applications you need on the Terminal you can 
lock down the Terminal to prevent changes being made. This can be done either by the 
management software or on the Terminal itself. On the Terminal click Start > Control 
. Go to the Security tab and click the hide connections configuration tab. It 
would also be a good idea to add a password to this, therefore preventing the user sim-
ply un-checking this parameter. 

Auto Start Applications


Any application can be set to automatically launch when the Terminal is powered on. 
To do this start the Connection Manager, (either right click on the desktop or take 
Start > connection manager) highlight the application you want to auto start and click 
the startup button. You will have the option of auto start and default connection. If 
this connection type is RDP or ICA you will also have the option of auto reconnect. 
Default connection means that when more than one application is started, the one 
which is left showing will be the one which is checked default. 

Download the 10ZiG Management Software from 

Hot Keys (WBT)